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Dent Middle School – Richland School District Two
Columbia, SC
This 198,853 sq. ft. project included an extensive safety plan in order to construct a new school on the operating campus of Dent Middle School.

After evaluating the current facility and the educational goals of the school, the team devised a plan to keep small portions of the old school and add a new core facility of 145,000 sq. ft. The project also involved the demolition of 98,000 sq. ft. and renovations of another 17,000 sq. ft.

One of the biggest challenges facing the Dent Middle School project as the placement of its 1,205 students. The school, which educates grades 6-8, was required to remain fully operational during the entire project. Along with the construction phasing plans were safety plans and security requirements for the project’s duration. Kahn’s solutions to the placement of students included temporary facilities on site with security fencing on all borders. However, the budget was not enough to purchase the amount of portable classrooms required, so Kahn developed a fast-track schedule to complete usable portions of the new school. Early planning and input from all parties culminated in an effective safety plan. The plan addressed not only the students inside the school but also the outskirts of the project’s footprint due to its tight sight involving the adjacent sidewalks. Both noise and distractions were minimized during school hours to ensure that students’ academic performance was not affected during the project. The project finished with zero incidents, accidents or security violations.

The Kahn team addressed a tight budget with a value management plan to add value to the facility without removing amenities. The value plan resulted in cost savings of $700,000. One cost-savings measure involved incorporating an existing road section in the new bus loop, which reduced $25,000 from the budget. A tailored bidding strategy included alternate bids for items such as steel canopies and outdoor amphitheatre. The value management plan also proved the success of a construction and design team working in collaboration for the client’s benefit.
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